How to Display WordPress Photos in Columns and Rows

How to Set WordPress to Display Photos in Columns and Rows
Monica Lucas

Image galleries can be quite effective at engaging an audience. Many people will use them as part of their marketing tools to help boost visitation and improve audience retention. Either way, they add more color and interaction for your website. Experiment with your own gallery and explore what it may do for engagement on your website.

How to Display WordPress Photos in Columns and Rows
Tricia Floyd

But there are some other considerations to be aware of. So when we layout a gallery of images, each image is typically linked to open up a lightbox. If you create a caption that has a link and then try to display that caption under the image, the HTML mark up for the gallery becomes broken because Envira tries to build an image that is a link that has text inside that is another link. You can’t have a link within a link in HTML, it’s improper markup. So what is typically best is to show a title under the image on the Config tab (title only), then edit the image in the gallery to add your link/text to the caption field. Then, on the Lightbox tab, make sure you have “caption” selected as the “what to show”

How to display WordPress images in columns and rows
Yessenia Tellez

WordPress default gallery is great, but it might seem very simple, and this is the point where additional plugins start helping us in making the perfect website in an easy way. Your theme might include the Elementor plugin with the JetElements add-on that makes even inexperienced users feel like great developers – without having to learn how to code.

How to Display WordPress Photos in Columns and Rows
Malinda Lumpkin

Do you want to display WordPress photos in columns and rows? By default WordPress adds images in a vertical column on top of each other. However if you are adding multiple photos to a blog post, then this doesn’t look very clean and requires a lot of scrolling for your users. In this article, we will show you how to easily display WordPress photos in columns and rows.

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