How to Display the Time According to Your WordPress Blog in Admin Bar

How to Display the Time According to Your WordPress Blog in Admin Bar
Rosemary Jacobs

If you never adjusted your timezone setting in WordPress, you probably have no idea what is the time according to your WordPress blog. For a lot of people, it does not matter. However, if you have a time-sensitive post that you want to schedule, then it is probably a good idea to know what is the server time. Having the server time available in the admin bar can also be great for multi-author blogs (specially if the authors are in different time zones). In this article, we will show you how to display the time according to your WordPress in the Admin Bar.

How to Display Time in WordPress for Visitors and Admins
Odelia Arndt

The widget itself can be helpful if you want to show the time of your site’s server to visitors. To do this, go to the “Appearance” control from the WordPress dashboard. Then, click on the “Widgets” area. Here, you will see a new widget called, “Blog Time.” Simply drag it to any of your side bars and expand to see its settings. To set the widget up:
Lucy Bates

NOTE: For the front-end widget, if the “Use dynamic clock?” configuration option is unchecked, this plugin generates a timestamp and NOT a clock. The time being displayed is the time of the page load, or if clicked, the time when the widget last retrieved the time. It won’t actively increment time on the display. By default the widget displays a dynamic clock that does increment time.

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