How to Display the Latest Sticky Posts in WordPress

10 Ways to Promote Old Posts in Your WordPress Website
Kerry Reeves

One of the best ways to highlight your old, but still relevant content is creating a custom archive page on your WordPress website.  You can set it to display the most popular posts, most commented articles, recent posts, and much more. You can even show all of the post categories / tags, include a search form and add compact archives. This is a great way to help users find content, but it can also help them get the idea about the real purpose of your blog. Also, it is important to add an email sign up form on the page.

Display the Latest Sticky Posts in WordPress
Mattie Miles

Have you ever want to display the latest sticky posts as featured posts for your in WordPress? Following our steps in this section.
First of all, you need to copy and paste code snippet as below into your theme’s functions.php file to queries the WordPress database to retrieve the 5 latest sticky posts (each sticky post’s title with a link in a list format)

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