How to Display Social Media Followers Count as Text in WordPress

How to Display Social Media Followers Count as Text in WordPress
Dianne Hodges

Twitter will now create your application, and you will land on your application settings page. There you need to click on the API Settings tab. On the API Settings, scroll down to your access token section and click on the Generate my access token button. Twitter will reload the page and show you a notification that an access token has been generated for you. After that you need to click on the Test oAuth button.

How to Display Social Share Counts in WordPress as Text
Alanna Marrero

Before we start writing code for the various shortcode callback functions, we’ll create two helper class methods that accept an API call as its parameter and return the JSON output back to the callback function for processing.

How to Display Twitter Followers Count as Text in WordPress
Glenda Logan

Hi all, hope you are still monitoring comments, since it’s an older article. I have copied the code in functions.php, replaced the key and secret (left the ‘ ‘ intact, was I meant to do that?). Then I copied the other bit in sidebar.php. Replaced the yourscreenname with my twittername. This doesn’t make it show up in the sidebar though. Should I do something with a text widget in the sidebar, where I want it to show up? Just putting the last line of code in a sidebarwidget doesn’t seem to be the trick. Would appreciate your help. Thanks!

How to Display Social Media Buttons with count in WordPress
Doloris Denham

You’ll also see an Order header which allows you to drag around your elements. For example, you may want the Facebook icon to show up before Twitter. In that case, drag Facebook all the way over to the left. Comments and posts are included by default, but if you’d like to remove those, go back to the primary Settings page to uncheck those options. Push the Save Changes button to complete your design.

Karla Simmons

The easiest way to display Twitter followers is by using the official Twitter follow button. But what if you don’t want to slow your site down by loading twitter’s script? Or what if you are making something very custom, and you want to display twitter follower count as text instead of a button.

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