How to Display Recently Registered Users in WordPress

How to Display Recently Registered Users in WordPress
Aline Knutson

Thank you. I really did not want to “wade in” to the level of just using plug ins for everything I do. However, I want to create a list that no plug in exists to create for me. So, I’ll try to “do it myself”. This helped because I see the basics of “how to do it”. Then, I just have to be more specific in what I do to try to make it put the fields in order that I want listed. LOL ~~ Let’s see how this works! (I will make sure to do backups before trying anything… and I am using a child theme also.) Thanks!

How To Display Recently Registered Users In WordPress
Mable Jordan

For multi-user WordPress, you may want to show your recently registered users on your website to attract more people to register for an account on your website. We have to ways and codes to do this job, and here they are:

How to Randomly Display Registered Users in WordPress
Sara Romero

How do people register to become a registered user on my WordPress site? Many people register on my site but their emails do not appear to be genuine. Mostly the addresses look like gibberish and the username registered bears no resemblance to the email addresses. I have tried responding asking them to confirm their registration but there are no responses.

How to Display Recently Registered Users in WordPress
Lorette Thurman

For multi-user WordPress sites, you may want to showcase your users on different sections of your website. For example, you can display a list of authors with avatars, or add an author info box, etc. In this tutorial we will show you how to display recently registered users in WordPress. These users do not need to be authors. It can be used for a community site that allows for user registration.

P Vinothkumar
Monnie William

If you allow to user registration on your WordPress blog or website, How to displaying the 5 latest registered users? Here is a simple and efficient code to do so.

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