How to Display Estimated Post Reading Time in Your WordPress Posts

How to Display Estimated Post Reading Time in Your WordPress Posts
Lorette Thurman

Do you want to display estimated post reading time in your WordPress blog posts? An estimated reading time encourages users to read a blog post instead of clicking away. In this article, we will show you how to easily add estimated post reading time in your WordPress posts.

How to Add Estimated Reading Time to WordPress Posts
Brandi Flores

For example, we’ve worked with a WordPress theme which was displaying the number of views for posts, and if a post had just one view, it was still displaying “Views” (e.g. 1 Views), instead of “1 View”, and if you are a bit of a perfectionist like me, that can be triggering.

How To Easily Display Estimated Reading Time On WordPress Blog Posts
Alyssa Osborne

I’m using the Beaver Builder Theme and Builder. When I activated the plugin the reading time also displayed on my Home page and every page. I don’t want that. I just want it showing in my blog posts. Where do I insert the code? The text editor in the Beaver builder built post was below the WordPress made Title. I want it to show just below the author name like it does on default.
Corina Pinkerton

WP Reading Time let’s you easily add an estimated reading time to your WordPress posts. Activating the plugin will automatically add the reading time to the beginning of your post’s content. This can be deactivated in the Reading Time settings which can be accessed from your Dashboard’s Settings menu. You can also edit the label and postfix from this menu.

How To Add Estimated Reading Time In Your WordPress Posts
Carmen Tyler

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