How to Display BreadCrumb Navigation Links in WordPress
Tonya Mcgee

Breadcrumb NavXT, the successor to the popular WordPress plugin Breadcrumb Navigation XT, was written from the ground up to be better than its ancestor. This plugin generates locational breadcrumb trails for your WordPress powered blog or website. These breadcrumb trails are highly customizable to suit the needs of just about any website running WordPress. The Administrative interface makes setting options easy, while a direct class access is available for theme developers and more adventurous users.

How to Show Breadcrumb Navigation in WordPress
Tisa Yeager

The settings page’s default settings should work perfectly on most websites. Each tab offers a different host of settings that may better fit your websites needs. The general tab will determine the global settings of the plugin. The Post Types tab is the most important because it allows you to individually set up breadcrumb trails for posts and articles on your website. This will probably be the section you spend the most time in. The Taxonomies tab will help you set your website’s categories the way that suits your website. Lastly, the Miscellaneous tab will allow you to change some author settings and other minor things. Make the changes that you feel best help your website and remember to click on the “Save Changes” button to keep the changes.
Stefanie Katz

It does insert the breadcrumb but it puts the breadcrumb outside of the div that contains the page title and content. This div has a margin and so the left side /start of the breadcrumb is not vertically aligned with the left side / start of the page title.

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