How to Display Blog Post Meta Data in Your WordPress Themes

How to Display and Style Post Meta Data in WordPress
Dawn Cunningham

If used properly post meta can improve user experience; say a visitor is interested in a certain topic only, then category meta can help them short posts by category so they can view posts on that particular topic rather than see all the posts. Or, if you want to view posts of a particular author only, post meta can help you do that.

How To Display Post Meta Data on a WordPress Post
Serina Etheridge

In the case above, there’s nothing that’s particularly dangerous or sensitive that may help to compromise the installation, but that doesn’t mean that will always be the case. Even further, there’s a significant chance that you may end up displaying information that’s related to a plugin or theme that never wanted its information displayed.

How to Remove Author and Date Information from Your WordPress Posts
Aurea Terrell

On the Divi posts slider (I’m not talking about the individual posts displayed after a post has been clicked), it would be nice to have the option to display just the author and date. Right now, the only choice is between nothing and author/date/comments/star rating. Since I don’t want comments and star rating, I have to turn author and date off, which seriously detracts from the functionality of this module. More flexibility, please.

How to Add and Customize Post Meta Output for WordPress Themes
Naomi Pratt

When changing post metadata, you’ll typically work with the single.php file, according to the template hierarchy. However, custom themes may implement an alternate file for their posts. In this case, a developer plugin such as Theme Inspector can help identify which template files are loaded for different sections of your site. This up-and-coming plugin has a small user base with just over 300 users, though we’ve had great experiences with it and it has been kept updated since its release.

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