How to Display Ad Blocks in Specific Posts in WordPress

Do You Want To Display Ad Blocks In Specific Posts On Your WordPress Site?
Joann Townsend

If you have a WordPress site and are looking to monetize it (or monetize it further than it is already monetized), then you might be wondering how to take the next step. Obviously, displaying ad blocks within specific parts of some of your posts could be an awesome way to do this – but if you have ever used WordPress a little bit, you might be wondering how to do that without throwing everything off-kilter!

How to block ads on a specific page?
Brittany Wells

If you want to disable all ads on specific posts or pages, it is easier not to exclude them one by one with individual display conditions. In this case, you should look out for the Ad Settings meta box which you can find on the bottom of the edit page of every post and page. You will see a checkbox there which allows you to disable all ads on this page.

How to Add Ads to WordPress: 7 Tips for Displaying Custom Ad Blocks in WordPress
Becky Gardner

Keep your advertisements relevant to your content. I can’t say this enough. If there are ads for things that are unrelated, not only are they not effective, they can give users the impression that your site is not serious. Even more important, do not offend your readers. If you have a blog discussing, for example, prenatal care, an ad for Viagra, which while peripherally relevant, is actually off-topic and potentially offensive. Make sure you know who is advertising and for what.

How to Display Ad Blocks in Specific Posts in WordPress
Karleen Curran

Do you want to display ad blocks within specific WordPress posts? This ad placement allows you to show ads when your users are highly engaged with the content. In this article, we will show you how to easily display ad blocks in specific WordPress posts without writing any code or breaking your site.
Verla Miner

Ad Inserter plugin is one of the best ever plugin to show ads. Recently Google has introduced AdSense Auto Ads, which code needs to add in the head. Now, the question is, is there any way to block auto ads on specific posts which are individually disabled?

How to Disable Ads on a Specific Post in WordPress
Sue Rhodes

Let’s say you have installed Quick Adsense plugin and have been displaying ads on a single post. And  — for a specific reason — you need to write and article on your blog without any ads. Or, you want to display a custom ads outside of your regular ads. Then you start thinking so hard of how to do that as you have to skill in programming.

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