How to Display a Read More link in WordPress Excerpts

How to Display a Read More link in WordPress Excerpts
Carley Jeffrey

Excerpts can do wonders to your blog if showcased properly. In the last post about how to show excerpt in WordPress themes, we discussed that how they helps to improve CTR, reduces bounce rate and improves SEO then we saw how to change the default excerpt length to display a meaningful gist of the post to your visitors.
Christy Garner

Edit 1: excerpt is personnalized. I mean, if there’s no text into the “excerpt box”, then the “view more” text&Link appear. But if I write something in the “excerpt box”, then there’s no “view more”.
My question therefore should be: How to preserve the “view more” when I write something into the “excerpt box”?

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Malinda Lumpkin

To prevent duplicate content, improve site load time, and for better SEO many bloggers have started to use post excerpts. Excerpts are mini-descriptions of the posts shown on the main blog page, category pages, and archive pages. You can see a live example by visiting any of our categories. But if you notice, our read more button is added on a separate line from the excerpt text. In this article, we will show you how to automatically add a read more link in WordPress Excerpts.

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