How to Disable Post Revisions in WordPress and Reduce Database Size
Alberta Phelps

But default WordPress use post revisions to save each post revisions in your database. If you care about the server and database size, these post revisions may be a headache.
If you feel that you don’t want post revision feature for a post type you can’t simply disable it from settings page. But with this plugin it is very easy.

How to Disable and Remove Old Post Revisions in WordPress
Janet Alexander

Although deleting post revisions from your WordPress site can be accomplished by running a single SQL query, some webmasters will find it easier to install a plugin and let it do all the work. This might be because the plugin has added benefits (database maintenance, removes excess files etc.) or simply because they’re not comfortable with programming.
Margaret Vargas

Simply disable Post Revisions feature in WordPress by following this tutorial and reduce your database size.

How to Optimize WordPress Revisions for Faster Performance
Lottie Horne

Whenever you save a page or post in WordPress it creates a revision. This occurs in both drafts and already published posts that are updated. Revisions can be helpful in case you need to revert back to a previous version of your content. However, they can also hurt the performance of your WordPress site.  On large sites this can add up very quickly to thousands of rows in your database which are not necessarily needed. And the more rows you have the larger your database in size, which takes up storage space. Follow the steps below on how to delete, limit, and disable WordPress revisions for faster performance.

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