How to Disable Post oEmbed on Your WordPress Site

How to Disable Post oEmbed on Your WordPress Site
Bethany Reynolds

It’s very off-putting and confusing for any visitor to my site to encounter a pop-up registration box from an external site about 5 seconds after loading the page from my site. I would also like the option to block oembeds when I include links to external sites on a page. How can I do that? I haven’t been able to find any way to stop my own site’s pages from including embeds in iframes on my pages. Can anyone offer a solution? Thanks in advance!

How to Disable Embeds in WordPress
Retha Poston

When they released WordPress 4.4, they merged the oEmbed feature into core. You have probably seen or used this before. This allows users to embed YouTube videos, tweets and many other resources on their sites simply by pasting a URL, which WordPress automatically converts into an embed and provides a live preview in the visual editor. For example, we pasted this URL from Twitter: and it was converted into what you see below. You can see the official list of supported embed types.

How to disable post embeds for your WordPress blog?
Aurora Delacruz

Thanks, is this really the only way to turn that off? I like the look of the embeds, but when writing a longer blog it distracts from actual reading the post. I would not only like to see a feature implemented in core to de-activate, but also change how it looks. If I get an option to choose between different layouts / sizes I could imagine using it more, right now it is not useful and only working for a part of the sites I am linking to.

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