How to Disable Plugin Deactivation from WordPress Admin Panel

How to Disable Plugin Deactivation from WordPress Admin Panel
Harmony Childress

One of the best parts about WordPress is the availability of plugins that makes your job easy as a user and as a developer. Often when creating sites for clients, we as developers use plugins that are absolutely crucial for the site to have certain functionalities. Recently, we ran into a problem where one of our client’s site was broken. The sidebar wasn’t loading completely, there were missing elements on the single post page which freaked them out. The bottom line of this story was that one of their new staff members who was new to WordPress deactivated some of the plugins which were required for the site to function properly. We went in and activated all the plugins that were deactivated, but there had to be something done in order for us to prevent this issue in the future. In this article, we will show you how to disable plugin deactivation from WordPress Admin Panel (only for specific plugins).

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If you want to turn off all the plugins on your site, you can simply delete this entire row by clicking on the red X button beside it. This sounds like a drastic action, but isn’t really so bad and won’t cause any lasting harm. Yes, all your plugins will be disabled, you can quickly login to WordPress and re-enable them.
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This plugin can be used to disable plugin deactivation, activation, deletion, edit, and update. Sometimes when working for client we create multiple Admin accounts. So in many of the cases clients are not technical and can mess with the plugin settings by activating, deactivating, updating, deleting plugins. To avoid such a scenario this plugin can be used. Features of the plugin are as follows:

How To Disable WordPress Plugins (No Access to WP-Admin)
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The fourth and final way to disable a plugin in WordPress is via WP-CLI, which is a command line tool for managing WordPress. You can check out our more in-depth guide on using WP-CLI to get it installed. Once you launch WP-CLI you can run the following commands to disable a plugin. First though, you will need to know the name.

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