How to Disable Gravatars in WordPress

How to Disable Gravatars in WordPress
Deborah May

Avatar allow users to give their online profiles an instantly identifiable persona. WordPress uses Gravatars as the default avatar platform. It allows WordPress users to have the same avatar displayed on any gravatar enabled website. However, in some cases you may not want to display gravatars on your WordPress site. In this article, we will show you how to disable gravatars in WordPress.
Loyce Nabors

This is a very simple and lightweight plugin that anonymizes default avatars and prevents the user’s gravatar being automatically obtained from based on their registered email. This would be useful for sites where users require an extra layer of privacy, or if you just want to prevent potentially silly or embarrasing avatar accidents.

Video: How to Disable Gravatars in WordPress
Ashlee Griggs

Hello and welcome to In this video, I'll show you how to disable Gravatars in WordPress. when you go to several WordPress sites and you see an image next to the authors and commenters, this is likely from using Gravatar. Gravatar is an avatar platform that lets you upload your profile image once and use it everywhere on the web…which makes for a unified experience. But what if you don't want to use Gravatar on your site, just follow these steps to remove it.

How to Remove Gravatars in WordPress
Naomi Pratt

Today, I will demonstrate how to remove Gravatars in WordPress. Like all built-in options in WordPress, you will not need any additional plugins to remove them, instead, you will only need to change one setting, which will only take a minute. Keep in mind that this will not just affect your comments section, this will also affect the admin bar and all other areas of WordPress. There are still ways you can use Gravatars in specific areas of WordPress if you need them.

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