How to Disable Disqus on Custom Post Types in WordPress

How to Disable Disqus on Custom Post Types in WordPress
Molly Alvarez

WordPress is a great enterprise web content management service that allows a company to control website(s) effortlessly. With unlimited built-in tools and their flexibility & scalability, a developer can design website for any business requirements. It is advisable to keep the site interesting where adding a comment box will play a crucial role. Disqus is one of the easiest ways to add comment box on any page however sometimes it is essential to disable it on a few sections where you don’t require reader’s inputs. The method described in article is spot-on as I readily implemented it. Thanks for sharing.
I feel Jetpack is a good alternative. It allows your readers to connect to your website and leave a comment in multiple ways. It uses default WordPress comment option, can connect to or allows users to login through Facebook, G+ and twitter. There are many other features that make Jetpack a great tool.

Disable Disqus on Custom Post Types in WordPress
Janet Alexander

Disqus not showing comments on our custom post types was an error on our part. When importing comment to Disqus, we couldn’t use the normal sync feature because of the size of our site. We had to generate an export file and send it to Disqus to pre-import the comments. This meant that we only did this for posts and not other post types. So when Disqus showed 0 comments on a custom post type item that had 50+ comments, it really was because Disqus didn’t know that it had any comments because we didn’t tell that to Disqus.

How to disable Disqus on WordPress custom post types
Laurie Castro

I created a premium WordPress plugin, Social Subscribe & Follow Icons, for adding vector social icons to blog and podcast websites. Since I podcast “how-tos” about podcasting to other podcasters (I’m a meta kind of guy), I sell this plugin on The Audacity to Podcast’s website. My site uses Disqus and I sell the digital product with WooCommerce.

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