How to Disable Automatic Update Email Notification in WordPress

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Annie Bowen

Since WordPress is an open source software maintained by a community of developers, it is updated regularly with fixes. The fixes can include security concerns, new features, and bugs. Due to the essential nature of these fixes, you should always use the latest version of WordPress to ensure the safety of your site.

How To Disable WordPress Automatic Update Email Notification
Deborah May

In this method you need to add below code into your current theme’s functions.php file or you can create a custom plugin for it. Below code adds a filter to disable email notification after automatic core update.

How to Disable Update Notifications
Joann Townsend

The hide for all but admin code seems to work backwards. The messages no longer display in my Admin Dashboard but they do still display in my Subscriber Dashboard (which is the opposite of what I want). I believe that line 3 should not be “if user can” because that would apply only to admin. I tried making it an If/Else statement but it still did not work. I do not know enough about jQuery to know if I am even on the right track.

How to Disable New User Notification Emails in WordPress
Monica Lucas

The “Global Settings” option controls every aspect of your forms that you create through this plugin. You can find various types of settings here, such as WordPress form security, External Integrations, User Accounts, and many more. The “Global Settings” page basically lets you manage all forms in your dashboard globally. Thus, you don’t have to work on each form individually. Apart from this, each form has its own dashboard which has the same settings as “Global Settings”. This lets you work on each of the forms singly. You might not want to set up payment for every form on your site. So, for example, you can choose to not activate WordPress form payment for every form on your site from “Global Settings”. So, you can select a particular form and set up the payment option for it from its dashboard.

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