How to Disable Auto Linking of URLs in WordPress Comments

How to Disable Auto Linking of URLs in WordPress Comments
Traci Fleming

Hello. I’m looking for a way to do just what you mentioned, but only for posts. It seems with a recent WP update, if you type a website address in a post, WP will automatically link to it. For example, if your post contains “” somewhere in the post, then WP will add a link to google. Can we stop that from happening? If so, how? Thank you

How to Disable Auto Linking Of URLs (Clickable Links) In WordPress Comments?
Stacy Roberson

If you do not want to mess with the WordPress theme files then you do this by using  No Comment Links plugin. which works the same way. To get started, Firstly you need to install the plugin like any other WordPress plugin. After installing this plugin, activate it by clicking the link “Activate plugin“.

Disable Auto Linking Of URLs (Clickable Links) In WordPress Comments
Loyce Nabors

I was just approving some of the unapproved comments on DigitalKube. I replied to one of the comments with a brief explanation of the person’s query. I went on the front-end of the post where the comment was published to see if I’ve written everything correctly. The user posted some links in his comment which turned into clickable links instead of text links after approval.
Alanna Marrero

I just noticed a strange issue where my WP site is now auto linking The site uses Buddypress so I am thinking that it is happening there but I am not sure. I doubt that it is WordPress Core that is doing this. @webfuelcode – do you happen to be running Buddypress too?

How to Disable URL Auto-Linking in WordPress Comments
Elizabeth Roy

However, one of the things about WordPress commenting section is that whenever a user enters a text URL in the comments field, WordPress automatically converts them to the clickable URLs. No, I’m not talking about the website URL field in the comments section. I’m talking about the text URLs that are entered in the comment message field.

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