How to Deactivate All Plugins When Not Able to Access WP-Admin

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Veronique Schweitzer

The second method with phpMyAdmin is actually more interesting. In my day job, I couldn’t connect through FTP or SSH to the server to rename, move or delete the plugins directory since I’m behind a proxy. But I can (probably ?) access phpMyAdmin. So in an emergency situation, I’d be able to at least do something without access to the file system. Of course modifying these options in phpMyAdmin is ugly. Had to do it a few times and although it’s better than a binary format, it’s not really nice to modify those array directly in the database. But for an emergency solution, it’s not bad !

How to Deactivate All Plugins When Not Able to Access WP Admin
Stefania Deaton

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How to Deactivate Plugins When Not Able to Access WordPress Admin
Sue Rhodes

Often times during troubleshooting, many sites will recommend deactivate all plugins and activate them one by one. What’s worst is sometimes you get locked out of your WordPress admin panel, so you can’t even deactivate the plugins in an easy way. If you have ever faced the white screen of death, then you know exactly what we are talking about. In this article, we will show you how to deactivate all WordPress plugins when not able to access wp-admin area.

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