How to Customize WordPress Excerpts (No Coding Required)

How to Customize WordPress Excerpts (No Coding Required)
Brittany Wells

WordPress is a powerful CMS platform that can handle large chunks of data through easy to use interface. Over a website it is important to showcase the offerings on the landing page to attract more visitors. WordPress provides excerpts that helps a developer to add a summary block to the webpage. This size, shape and color of the block can be customized by the user. The links to the entire content can be placed in the block and can be managed manually from the dashboard. Use only the authenticated plugins like Advanced Excerpt that doesn’t compromise the website security.

How to Customize WordPress Excerpts No Coding Required
Margaret Vargas

Text version of this tutorial:
Do you want to customize your WordPress excerpt? Excerpts are the short extracts of text from your posts followed normally by "read more…". In this video, we will show you how to customize WordPress excerpts with no coding required.
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Summary of this Tutorial:
The first method is by using the excerpt meta box.
If you are creating a new post, go to screen options and make sure the excerpt box is checked, then you can add your post excerpt.
Another way to add the excerpt is by using the more tag.
Just add the excerpt in the post area and then click on the more button and a line will show under the excerpt.
The third way to do it is by installing and activating the Advanced Excerpt Button.
Then go to Settings, Excerpt to continue.
You can configure how you want the excerpt to look on your posts and we can look on our site to see the changes in action.
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How To Change Excerpt Length in WordPress (No Coding Required)
Bethany Reynolds

Another example: if you’re using a WordPress theme that has option to change the layout of the blog page from 2-columns grid of content (like EightyDays) or 1 column of content (like Floral), the number of words in the excerpt needs to adapt to match the layout. Usually the 2-columns design requires shorter excerpt length than the 1-column one.

How to Control Excerpts in WordPress
Desiree Johnson

If you are new to WordPress and now you’re trying to find your own excerpt box where you want to write a manual summary, you have probably found none. That’s because excerpts are hidden by default. To make the textbox visible, while you are editing a post or writing a new one, click on “Screen Options” which can be found on top of the page where you have to check “Excerpts”. Now you’re ready to scroll under your post and write your excerpt.

How to Customize WordPress Excerpts
Lorena Silva

While using excerpt is very common, it has a problem: the number of characters or words in the excerpt is usually fixed by the theme. A number X might look fine in a language, but might not in another language. or even when you design your post with some page builder and the post excerpt shows codes on it.  And because of that, the excerpt length (or excerpt limit) should be able to change.

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