How to Customize the Display of WordPress Archives in Your Sidebar

How to Create a Custom WordPress Sidebar (And Why You Need One)
Colleen Stanley

That said, not every website needs to eschew convention and opt for a sidebar. In some cases, your design may lend itself better to a traditional navigation menu. However, custom sidebars can still come in quite handy if you need to add extra functionality to your site. For an example, take another look at the above image, which shows a theme that uses a sidebar to add a search widget, a filter by price function, and product categories.

How to Display WordPress Sidebar on Non-WordPress Websites
Faith Daniel

Before we can write our function, we need to understand exactly what we’re trying to do. Our goal is to cache our sidebar to a text file and update that cache whenever we publish a post, change our theme or make changes to the sidebar widgets. Since we’re planning on using our cache to display the sidebar on a different application, we need to be able to easily delete the cache without any ill-effects (we don’t want our sidebar broken at any time).

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