How to Create Simpler Login URL in WordPress for Your Clients
Aurora Delacruz

When working with a non-technical client, you often end up telling them well the login url is Some folks suggest /wp-admin/ instead of the wp-login.php url. Wouldn’t it be so much better if you can just tell your clients to go to Well, in this article, we will show you how to create simpler login URL in WordPress for your clients.

Create a Simpler WordPress Login URL
Sherita Diamond

WordPress as we all know is one of the best platforms available for blogging and also for regular websites and is completely free of cost. There are thousands of free plugins available for customization along with code customizations available. Each installation of WordPress has an administrator login and this can be accessed from the URL, and here you can provide the backend login credentials. But when you are providing these details to your client, who might not be a techie or a WP expert, it is not an easy to remember URL and sometimes the hyphen or the .php might be missed.
Freda Moody

This plugin is an example of one of the many possibilities of WordPress’ Rewrite API. See the whole Rewrite API tutorial on Ozh’ blog.

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