How to Create Grid Column Content in WordPress the “Right” Way

Easy Ways to Create Columns in WordPress
Mattie Miles

Your first port of call should be to check out the Theme Directory. There are hundreds of themes that include columns as part of their layout, and what’s more they’re all completely free. In some cases, the theme can be tweaked from within the WordPress Customizer to offer column layouts, along with the ability to add a specific number of them and adjust their size.

WordPress. How to use grid (columns) shortcodes (based on Cherry Framework 3.x)
Janet Alexander

You may also choose Shortcodes -> Fluid Columns option to insert fluid row between [spanX] shortcode on the page. This means that you can divide page row into 2 columns, for example, and then consider certain column (like only first one) as a fluid row, dividing it into 2, 3 or 4 sub-columns. You may play around with codes to get as structured layout as your page design requires, and make it meet your needs perfectly.

How To Create Column Layouts In WordPress
Stacey Miller

Nick one of the things that would make DIVI much easier for our CUSTOMERS to use (you know, the business who can’t create web sites and hire us to do it for them) is to have the DIVI Page Builder create not just placeholders for the individual content elements, but an actual editor box for each element’s contents. Of course, opening a pop-up editor the way it does now would give more features, but it would be excellent to be able to just look a the layout in the designer and see the text inside an element and edit it. That would be something my clients would really love, because when I do a training session for a first timer, the page layout builder is a very difficult hurdle for them to conquer.

Using CSS Grid the right way
Serina Etheridge

This means that CSS Grid has a pretty high skill floor — a developer needs to learn and internalize lots of new information in order to be effective with it. Once you’re above that skill floor, Grid is an amazing ally in layout creation. Below that skill floor, Grid is an encumbrance. You wonder why you’re bothering to use it at all, since it seems to require lots of additional work for little reward.

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