How to Create Free Newsletters With Mailpoet WordPress Plugin
Jackelyn Cooley

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How To Send Newsletters with MailPoet WordPress Plugin
Phyliss Teal

Zee, no. Selecting the double opt in doesn’t work to reduce the total registrations, as it only works on those actually signing up for the newsletter. I have this option set. I also require registration in order to comment on my site, and make it easy for people to do using their social media account. So I tend to get a lot of legitimate registrations of people who have no interest and have not given me permission to send them a newsletter. It would be more appropriate for MailPoet to state they provide a free version for up to 2,000 registered users of a WP install, instead of 2,000 subscribers. Subscribers implies that they’re actually signing up for a newsletter.

How to Create Free Newsletters With Mailpoet WordPress Plugin
Maisie Pickett

In a nutshell, starting an email list for your blog will take a notable amount of time — time which you might not have. If you want your readers to be able to subscribe to an email list right away without having to learn everything or spend a single cent, then a simple WordPress plugin for collecting email subscribers might work great for you.

Introduction to MailPoet
Nerissa Daily

So, you have a WordPress website and you want to send email newsletters to your audience. But with so many options to choose from, where do you begin? This easy, 20-minute course will introduce you to the MailPoet email newsletter plugin for WordPress. Learn how to create and send welcome emails, weekly post updates, and email newsletters to your audience today!

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