How to Create Custom WordPress Layouts with Beaver Builder

How to Create Custom WordPress Layouts with Beaver Builder
Odelia Arndt

1. I deactivated my other plugins.
2. I switched to the Twenty Sixteen Theme.
3. I made sure I’m using the latest version of everything (WordPress, Beaver Builder, etc.)
4. I noticed that if I typed something into the page and then clicked Beaver Builder tab, tools would show up. But when I clicked on them, I just got a spinning circle.
5. I tried using Beaver Builder on my website that’s online, and also on my localhost test site, but Beaver Builder failed to work on either site.
6. I tried using a different browser (Safari instead of my usual Chrome) without success.

Awesome Software, Great Support, and a Helpful Community.
Grace Smith

With your permission, we will gladly login to your WordPress admin panel or FTP so we can deal with any issues “hands on.” We’ve released several updates to directly address specific plugin conflicts that our users alerted us to. We want Beaver Builder to work for you, and we’ll bend over backwards to make that happen. Even if your problem isn’t directly related to Beaver Builder, we will at least get you pointed in the right direction.

Use shortcodes in your layouts
Elvira Abbott

The screenshot shows a Pricing Table module in which the first feature in the first feature in the first column contains text (“Your logo or custom text printed on apparel”) a <br> tag to put the photo on the next line, and the shortcode for the saved Photo module.

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