How to Create Custom Single Post Templates in WordPress

How to Create a Custom Single Post Template (With and Without Coding)
Tasha Martin

Next up, we’re going to look at how you can create a custom single post template yourself without coding. To do this, we’ll be using the very popular Elementor Pro. This is a premium version of the free Elementor page builder plugin for WordPress and is a drag-and-drop builder that enables you to update your theme using a live editor. Using it is a super easy way to quickly create a unique, professional look for your WordPress website.

How to Create Custom Post Template in WordPress
Melania Tripp

Once you done installing the Single Post Template plugin, you need to create a php file. This file will be used for your custom template. You can name this file anything you want. In this example we will name it customsingle.php. Don’t worry about the content of this file. You can copy the codes from your normal single.php of your template. Put this new file on your theme directory.

How to create custom single post templates in WordPress
Katlyn Greco

If you are WordPress beginners, then keep close attention in this post. So lets start creating a custom post template. If you want to create a template for specific post categories, then first create a copy of your single.php & archive.php file. In this way it will inherits the theme’s html structures and color combinations.

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