How to Create Custom RSS Feed in WordPress

How to Create Custom RSS Feeds in WordPress
Jannie Goff

You can modify this file to show as many posts as you want. Use the $postCount variable to change the number of posts to display. The default is showing “Posts,” but you can change it to show a different post type by changing the $postType variable. The excerpts feature will also show excerpts for your posts. If your post doesn’t have excerpts it will show the first 120 words in the article.

How to Make a Custom RSS Feed for Your WordPress Website
Dorthea Cato

Perhaps one of the best methods is to use FileZilla. Since you’ll be modifying files directly, a simple upload of a file may be all that’s needed to fix the site should something go wrong. For instance, let’s say that something happened and the functions.php file was preventing your theme from operating correctly. You can easily upload the copy of the functions.php file to overwrite the one you edited. This would undo any changes you made.

How to create custom RSS feeds with WordPress
Nedra Vanhorn

This is extremely helpful.
I’m new to messing around with coding, and one clarification question:
In “Creating a custom feed”, point #3 you write:
“You should now create a “feed-myfeed.php” file and put it in your current theme’s directory.”
I’m unclear on “Current theme’s directory”
I’m using PrimePress theme, and it lists a couple dozen templates – should we modify one of those? If so, which one (none is labeled ‘Directory’) and does it matter where in the body we add the coding? (eg. just stick it at the end?)
Sorry to ask such a basic question, and thanks for your help,

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