How to Create Custom Permalinks in WordPress

How to Create Custom Permalinks in WordPress and Why
Rubie Canty

Permalinks are the actual digital addresses of your content on the website. It’s how search engines link to your content and how others will find your web pages. The address itself is a permanent link that shouldn’t change. However, WordPress gives you the ability to create custom permalinks to fit marketing strategies or improve search engine optimization. Once created, these links retain their structure regardless of what content you put into the webpage. It’s best if this is done before the website becomes too popular. You don’t want too many inbound links that become broken because you changed the address layout.
Edda Battle

This plugin is only useful for assigning custom permalinks for individual posts, pages, tags or categories.
It will not apply whole permalink structures or automatically apply a category’s custom permalink to the posts
within that category.

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