How to create Compact Archives in WordPress

How to Create Compact Archives in WordPress
Molly Alvarez

The “By Date” portion of Compact Archives isn’t working on my blog. I’m wondering if that’s because I had to move my blog to a new web host, or did I mess something up in it? I know enough html/css to be dangerous but usually code via the “trial and error and error and error” method so I probably messed something up…

How to Create Compact Archives in WordPress
Nora Coleman

After a few years of blogging, you will see how a WordPress archive can quickly get out of hand. In this video, we show you how to create compact archives in WordPress which looks pretty and is user friendly.

How to Create Compact Archives in WordPress
Bess Negron

Hey everyoneLeah mclellan from WPBeginner here intoday’s videoI’m going to show you two ways to set up a wellorganized nice-looking Blog Archivethats automatically updated as you growyour wordpress blogbut first let me ask you a questionwhich archive would you rather browse throughthis oneor this oneif you’re like most people you picked theattractive easy to navigatecompact archive on WPBeginner its autogeneratedand easy on the eyes plus it’s simple toset up with the conmpactarchives plugin for WordPress now I’ll show youtwo different ways to use the pluginbut lets head on over to the WordPressdashboard to get it installed andactivated firstokay here we arein the WordPress dashboard we’re goingto install and activate the compactarchives plugin let’s go on over to plugins clickadd new and in your search bar you wantto entercompact archives click search pluginsand it shows up first in the list makesure it’s the right oneits by WP beginner so make sure it’sthe correct one and clickinstall now are you sure click okaysuccessfully installed clickactivate pluginnow here it is down here compactarchivesthere are no settings to fiddle with now lets head right on over to the widgetarea in appearanceclick widgets and it’ll showright here very easy all you need to do ischoose where you’d like to place itprimary sidebar secondary saber barmaybe have a footermight want to put in in your header it’s up to youdepending on the design if your siteSo compact archives widget is going togo into my primary sidebarright now you have a few choices here itsgoing toshow your blog post by the month but you can select the stylelets try block see what that looks likeyou wanna explore a little bit transfrom the textum let’s let’s not have any tranformationsee what thatlooks like click Save and lets go checkit outand let’s do a refresh and there we haveitarchives by month in your sidebar now itdoesn’t lookquite as filled out as the archive over onWPBeginner of course because theydon’t have very many blog post howeverif you have quite a fewblog posts already yours will look pretty much like the one over on WPBeginnernow let’s check out the shortcode methodfor installing compact archives now ifyou’d like tohave your compact archives on adedicated archives pagelike the one over here on WPBeginneryou would want to use the shortcodemethod so what you want to do is head on over toWordPress.
Kristin Patterson

Compact Archive comes with a sidebar widget located Appearance -> Widgets. Drag and drop Compact Archives Widget to your sidebar. The widget has three option fields. You can provide your widget a title if you want or leave it blank. You can choose a display layout from Select the Style option. It has three layout choices to choose from which are initials, block, and numeric. Tansform text option can be left to No Transformation or you can tansform text style to UPPERCASE or Capitalize.

How to Create Compact Archives in WordPress
Karleen Curran

After a few years of blogging, you will see how a WordPress archive can quickly get out of hand. In this video, we show you how to create compact archives in WordPress which looks pretty and is user friendly.
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Summary of this Tutorial:
WordPress monthly archive widget can be really ugly specially once you've been blogging for a few months or years.
Wouldn't it be nice if you can organize WordPress monthly archives in an organized manner?
In this video, we will show you how to customize the display of WordPress archives by using a plugin called Compact Archives.
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