How to Create Category Templates in WordPress
Stella Morris

So, if you want to make the Category whose ID number is 6 look different from what it is currently (and different from other Category pages), you would want to create a category-6.php file. If you want to make all Category pages look different from other archive pages (such as date and author archives), then you would want to create or modify the category.php file. If you want to make changes to the look of all archive pages, you can create or modify the archive.php file. And if you modify the index.php file, you will affect your entire blog.

WordPress. How to create page templates
Opal Curry

The code also contains the reference to the loop/loop-testi.php file. This is another file you need to copy. Copy loop-testi.php from wp-content/themes/CherryFramework/loop. And paste it to the wp-content/themes/theme#####/loop folder (if there is no loop  folder there, you will need to create it). Rename the file to e.g. loop-new.php and open it for editing. Change the word “testi” everywhere in this file to “team” and save the changes. (You can do this using Control (Command) + F).

How to Make Custom Page Templates in WordPress
Tasha Martin

You can use the Page template (page.php) to define the layout and style for all the internal pages on your website, providing a standard and consistent style for your visitors. However, if your website also publishes a portfolio of work that you’ve done for clients, you probably want that page to have a different style from the rest of the pages because it presents images that represent your past work.

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