How to Create Automated Website Screenshots in WordPress

How to Generate Website Screenshots For Your WordPress Site
Stefanie Katz

When you view the post or page, you should see a 300 pixel wide screenshot of Amazon. Remember, you may have to refresh the page after a few seconds to see the cached screenshot. Play around with the width and watch what happens when you go out of range. By the way, you can set any width range you like. Also, test a bad url: you should see the warning message instead of a screenshot.

In-Depth Introduction to WordPress Shortcodes or How to Build a Website Screenshot Generator
Kristine Mcdonald

Shortcodes are extremely useful pieces of functionality in the WordPress ecosystem, which enable us to make complicated things easier and faster. Although having a collection of pre-built shortcodes that come with a theme or plugin is helpful, very often there may arise a necessity to create your own shortcode. In this guide, I have tried to lay out the main concepts and principles in the shortcode creation which would be a stepping stone in your further exploration of WordPress core features. And, if you need to freshen your website creation skills, check out our great guide on how to build a website based on WordPress CMS.

How to Create a WordPress Blog: Step By Step Guide With Screenshots
Rolande Kline

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