How to Create and Setup Google+ Brand Page for Your WordPress Site

How to Create and Setup Google+ Brand Page for Your WordPress Site
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We heard the buzz about Google+ few months back. It was invite only and very limited. They were not allowing any business to join. Some businesses created a profile as a personal account, and they were all banned. Finally Google has given an official go-ahead to all businesses. You can now create your own Google+ Brand page. Don’t believe us? Check out WPBeginner Google+ Brand page to see it for yourself. In this article, we will show you how to create and setup your Google+ Brand page for your WordPress site.

How to Create a Google+ Brand Page for your WordPress website
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As mentioned in the above, you can create a Google+ Page for various purposes but it’s especially useful in order to promote your brand or business. So begin by deciding on a category for your Google page. Is it a place or business, like a store, café, restaurant, hotel, motel or bed and breakfast? Is it a local service center that is convenient to reach for locals? Is your page to promote a product or a brand? If it’s a product, you’ll be happy to know that a Google page helps product businesses that are difficult to find locally. For instance, if you have headphones that are only available in stores in Seattle, a Google page will help consumers from other parts of the US and around the world to find your product for purchase. Is your Google page to promote a company, organization, institution or NGO? If so, you can add info for visitors’ easy access and viewing. What field or industry does it fall under? Whether it’s a movie, sport, book, band, TV show, webisode or other, you can specify and customize this section as you need to in order to inform your visitors. Last but not least, Google+ allows you to add additional information that you can’t fit in elsewhere in the “Other” section. It might be links to other websites you own, or relevant contacts such as distributors of the product or content, or info on release of content in case they are films or shows, or other helpful information that would help visitors.

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How to Create Google+ Page for Your WordPress Site
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Finally Google+ brand pages are here. Some companies/brands/website owners were waiting anxiously for the arrival so that they could create their own Google+ page. When Google+ was launched, some businesses started to create a profile as personal account. But now there is no need to do this as we can officially create a Google+ page. Before starting out, check out and join Technostarry on Google+ brand page. This page should give you an idea as to what exactly we will achieve by doing this.

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