How to Create an IDX Real Estate Website using WordPress (2018)

How to Build an IDX Real Estate Website With WordPress
Traci Fleming

Great summary of the process. “Build” or “buy” is a common decision many have to make, and this certainly explains how to “do it yourself”. Of course that’s great if you have the time to invest. But even if you do have the time, you should really consider the COST of your time. OK, so you can create a website in a weekend -perhaps 5 hours each day…. At $40 per hour (for example) you are already in to a $400+ investment (in reality it may be a lot more). What many agents don’t realize is that there are awesome semi-custom WordPress website solutions already loaded with powerful, SEO-friendly IDX for the same price, I like to help agents succeed by helping them spend their time getting the marketing solutions they need to support their marketing and sales objectives. In my opinion, an Agent’s time is better spent considering their marketing and sales strategy and directing those thoughts and energy to a technician who can then create WordPress websites solutions that support their strategy.

How to Create an IDX Real Estate Website using WordPress
Verla Miner

Do you want to create an IDX real estate website using WordPress? A real estate website requires specific features that are not normally available in ready-made websites, but don’t worry we got you covered. In this article, we will show you how to easily create an IDX real estate website using WordPress.

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