How to Create an Event Registration Page in WordPress

How to Create an Event Registration Page in WordPress
Allison Hanson

Do you want to add an event registration page on your WordPress site? Recently one of our readers asked if they can allow users to sign up and buy tickets online for their events. In this article, we will show you how to easily create an event registration page in WordPress and sell tickets online.

How to Create an Event Registration Website With WordPress (4 Steps)
Marlana Peralta

You can also consider opting for a dedicated events theme, since these often include functionality that will come in handy. This isn’t necessary, however, since you can add all the features you’ll need via a plugin (more on this in the last step). What’s most important is to pick a theme with the right style, and lots of customization options so you can make your site truly unique.

How to Make an Event Registration Form in WordPress
Pat Sullivan

Then if you were to cancel an event, or wanted to contact the whole group for any other reason, you could quickly send out the same email to the entire list of registrants via your email marketing service. Here’s our tutorial on setting up MailChimp’s marketing integration, so you can get a feel for how a marketing integration would work within your form.

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