How to Create Advanced Search Form in WordPress for Custom Post Types

How to Create Advanced Search Form in WordPress for Custom Post Types
Corina Pinkerton

If you have created various types of custom posts in your blog, then it becomes really difficult for you to find out the required post by using the default search system of WordPress. In fact, Google Search is also not considered as a viable solution. To resolve this issue, you have to make an advanced search form so that you can filter out the search and get the specific custom post types. It helps in filtering out your search by reducing custom post types with the help of checkboxes. Thus, you will be able to see what actually you search for. This guide helps you to make an advanced search form in WordPress, so that you can utilize the power of the WordPress search query and ultimately reduce the results by custom post types.

How to Create Advanced Search Form for WordPress website
Shelley Diaz

It is safe to say that some people would not be able to do the above task of coding correctly because they have to search for searchform.php and hence, there are high chances of messing things up. It is wise to go for a tailor-made search form plugin which is designed for custom post types. Search & Filter Pro is the plugin you need to go for, and it offers you to have fields like custom post types, taxonomies, categories, authors, post dates and much more. For any review site, it is a must. If you have an e-commerce site using WooCommerce, you can provide your visitors great user experience with it.

How to Create Custom Post Types in WordPress
Grace Smith

Stay with that picture just for a few more seconds. If you create a custom post type, your news could have a special area where you can place a link to the source. Your game review post type could have a rating the author gave to a certain game including a star-based system, and you can apply different styling for, let’s say, the subtitle of your review. Your trailers post type would accentuate a video and let people enjoy it from a lightbox instead of viewing it in a post. We can go on forever, but you get the point, right?

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