How to Create Additional Image Sizes in WordPress

Carley Jeffrey

The default cropping position is centered, but if you prefer to position the cropping either at the top or one of the corners of your image, you could also specify that. You’ll have to use array ( ‘horizontal-position’, ‘vertical-position’ ). You can use the values left, center, and right for the horizontal positioning and top, center, and bottom for the vertical position.

Image Sizes Explained
Cora Mullins

after a little bit thinking, I have found how does it work and really solved most of the problem.
I have standart posts with galleries, which are posted from admin backend and for them I can limit the image sizes. This is the biger part of the problem, because standart posts are with galleries with 15 – 20 images /15 * 20 custom image size are 300images for only one post/.
Smaller part of the problem is that custom post types are published from frontend and for them I can’t apply the code above.
At the moment image sizes are generated on upload, Is it possible to generate only sertain size of the image, only on request for that size?

Beginners Guide to Add Custom Image Sizes in WordPress
Tricia Floyd

It is not clear to me. So where is this loop I should be adding it to? Lets say I added a 750×750 thumbnail, I want to see that option in the editor when I add media but I have bough added this in fucntions and then also regenerated it all but all i see if FULL SIZE and custom size. I want to crop and resize stuff to 750×750.

How to Stop WordPress from Generating Additional Image Sizes
Gloria Russell

Hey, you are right. Child themes are the safe solution, so your theme can keep updating, but it won’t wipe out any customizations you make (such as this) to your site. You can follow along with a good article from our friends at WP Beginner on how to create a child theme:

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