How to Create a WordPress Intranet for Your Organization

How to Create an Intranet With WordPress (And Why You’d Want To)
Stacy Roberson

Keep in mind that setting up an intranet makes the most sense for medium to large-sized businesses. If you’re running a two-man operation, for example, creating an intranet can be a bit redundant. If you’ve got a few dozen people under your employ, however, it starts to make more sense. Intranets are also ideal for companies that rely on a lot of collaboration, where many different people need access to the same information and resources.

WordPress Intranet: How to Create One for Your Organization
Erma Farmer

One option is just to use the default category pages that come with your WordPress site. Something like, This will work automatically. No need to tweak it in any way. In other words, you can share a link like that with your team members and they will be able to access all the content just fine. It will automatically update as you add new intranet content to that category in future.

How To Create A WordPress Intranet Site: What You Need To Get It Setup
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That wraps up our big guide on how to create an intranet with WordPress. Both approaches offer a viable means to create an intranet site – you just need to decide whether or not you want your install to be accessible from outside your local network.

How to Create a WordPress Intranet for Collaboration
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After enabling the options you want, click on Save Settings and jump over to the Options tab. All of BuddyPress’ default configurations are perfect for an intranet. However, you might also want to enable the Allow activity stream commenting on blog and forum posts feature under Activity Setting. With this option, your intranet’s members will be able to comment on posts you make, using the BuddyPress system instead of WordPress’ default functionality.

How to Create a WordPress Intranet
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Internal Only
If you want to build a traditional Intranet on your own network, you will need to install WordPress manually on the local server. This may require additional installations of things like Apache, PHP and Perl. You may already have these as well as MySQL running. If you don’t, XAMPP is an excellent addition to installing WordPress locally.

How to Create a WordPress Intranet for Your Organization
Magaret Sewell

Do you want to create a WordPress intranet for your organization? WordPress is a powerful platform with tons of flexible options that makes it ideal to be used as your company’s intranet. In this article, we will show you how to create a WordPress intranet for your organization while keeping it private and secure.

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