How to Create a Visual Sitemap in WordPress

How to Create a Visual Sitemap in WordPress
Johanna Colon

Nice article. Sitemap is still important for a website and can help to boost the search results. WordPress, a powerful enterprise web content management service, allows users to create sitemap easily by implementing plugins like Simple Sitemap, as mentioned in the article. This can be implemented by implementing a shortcode on a post, page, custom post type or text widget. There are various attributes in this plugin that allows to set values for type of page, label, links etc..
It is important to ensure that sitemap is updated each time any page or link in added or removed from a site. For this purpose I feel Google XML sitemap is a better plugin for WordPress sites.

How to Create a Visual Sitemap in WordPress
Mary Mann

Slick Sitemap plugin for WordPress themes creates another menu where you can create the site structure to include all sections, individual pages, standard and custom taxonomies and custom links. Work with this menu is different from the work on setting up the standard menu – you select the pages or sections, which will serve as the basic level, and add them to any number of sections forming any number of levels. So in the end we get a clear site diagram with all relationships

How to Create a Visual Sitemap in WordPress
Bethany Reynolds

Ever wanted to display a visual sitemap in WordPress? A visual sitemap lets you present a hierarchical layout of your different pages. In this video, we will show you how to create a visual sitemap in WordPress without writing any code.

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