How to Create a To-Do List in WordPress

How to Create a To-Do List in WordPress
Patsy Lindsey

Each day people are finding innovative ways to use WordPress. One of these innovative uses of WordPress is for collaboration and productivity. There are many WordPress themes and plugins that make collaboration on WordPress easier. We have already written about Editorial Workflow, When it comes to productivity, WordPress has solutions like Edit Flow, Document Management, and Post forking. However, nothing boosts productivity more than a good old fashioned to-do list. In this article, we will show you how to create a to-do list in WordPress.

How to Create a To-Do Task List in WordPress
Yvette Garrett

Fresh Upstream install on a fresh WP server. Adding tasks to new projects is not possible, either inside project creation, or post- project creation as displayed in this video. Is there some library, plugin or extension required for this functionality?

How to Create a To Do List in WordPress
Harmony Childress

Almost every site can use a way to collaborate and improve productivity. Depending on the site this could be an editorial flow assistant, document management, or post forking. In this video, we will show you how to create a to do list in WordPress.

How to Create & Manage a To-do List in WordPress
Kit Suarez

If you are using group and master lists, make sure that you have assigned right permission to the users. Otherwise, they will be able to edit your items. By default subscribers can read, contributors can edit posts, authors can publish posts, Editors can edit any post and Administrators can manage options. When finished, Save Changes.

How to Create A To-Do List in WordPress
Milda Layman

Eventually, you have many options in cleverness to-do list plugin settings page from which you can configure to create private to-do lists for each user, to have all users share a to-do list, or to have a master list with individual completion of items. The shared to-do list has a variety of settings available. There are also settings to show deadline and progress fields. Category support is included as well as front-end administration.

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