How to Create a Survey in WordPress (with Beautiful Reports)

5 Best WordPress Survey Plugins (Compared)
Faith Daniel

Thanks for the comparison. Is there a survey plugin that integrates with woocommerce or digital download to provide a downloadable report based on answers given in the survey? So the visitor takes a survey and answers various questions. Based on their answer we want to sell them PDF A or PDF B. They go through the checkout process and then given a link to download the PDF.

How to Create a Survey in WordPress
Cristina Cox

There are many online services to create survey forms and incorporate them into WordPress. The downside of these forms is that the data is stored on third- party servers and the customization options are limited. Some of these forms also restrict the number of answers that you can collect. You must pay extra for more answers, and these services usually have high monthly costs. Would it not be nice if you could conduct surveys on your own website without using services from third parties?

How to Easily Create a Survey in WordPress (Step by Step)
Dawn Cunningham

Choosing a survey-making tool can be a real pain. There are so many third-party online services that allow you to create embeddable surveys, and yet they all have major downsides. Whether it’s the fact that your reports are stored on their hard-to-access third-party servers, the frustrations of limited customization options, the limited number of responses you’re allowed, or the high monthly costs… These third-party survey forms just aren’t up to snuff!

9 Best WordPress Survey Plugins for 2019!
Reena Downs

Surveys or survey forms are basically the best way to collect details and get to know your audience better. A great marketing method and to target your viewers with the content that peeks their interests, surveys also serve as a great engaging factor. For WordPress users, creating a Survey is made easy with survey plugins. With the help of a WordPress Survey plugin, you can integrate Surveys and even analyze the data within the plugin.

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