How to Create a “Sticky” Floating Sidebar Widget in WordPress

How to Create a Sticky Sidebar WordPress Widget
Malinda Lumpkin

Increasing email subscriber: Increase email list is the main thing every blogger should focus to increase readers. Visitors are more important part of a successful blog. If you want to have a successful blog, you need to increase your email list first. For this, a sticky sidebar with email subscription form can boost your email list.

How to Add a Sticky Floating Sidebar Widget in WordPress
Vi Neville

You notice the use of sticky content all over the web. Some people use sticky content on their twitter profiles to promote their businesses. WordPress websites often have a sticky post at the top of  the blog in order to put important information front and center. The most important thing to remember is that you should use stick content selectively and make sure it not getting in the way of your visitors – once they’ve left, there is a good chance they might never visit your website again.

How to Add a Floating Sticky Sidebar Widget in WordPress
Laurie Castro

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How to Add a Sticky Sidebar Floating Widget in WordPress
Magaret Sewell

Sticky Menu (or Anything!) on Scroll is a plugin that allows users to create sticky elements out of nearly anything in WordPress. This includes menus, logos, buttons and sidebar widgets. It’s a bit more involved as you’ll need a basic understanding of HTML and CSS development. However, it delivers an incredible number of possibilities for creating floating elements on your site.

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