How to Create a Private Post in WordPress

How to Create a Private Post in WordPress
Tiffany Reed

Do you want to create a private post in WordPress? Unlike regular WordPress posts, a private post is not visible to your website visitors. Only logged in users with specific permissions can see them. In this article, we will show you how to easily create a private post in WordPress.

Everything You Need to Know About WordPress Private Posts
Mikaela Werner

By default, anyone with a user role of Editor or Administrator can see all the private posts on your site. They also have control over changing the privacy settings. Keep this in mind when working in an environment with multiple editors or admins. There might be someone who shouldn’t be reading the private post, or they may accidentally (or purposefully) make the post public without you knowing.

How to Create a Private Post in WordPress?
Grace Smith

Private WordPress Posts has the power to grant users access. Not all the documents and text need to be visible for all the customers. In that case, Private Posts can be a perfect medium to hide all those pieces of information from visitors to the site. It locks all the unauthorized users from out of the access to all the contents. These kinds of posts help to maintain secrecy among the members of the site in an effective way.

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