How to Create a Custom WordPress Widget

How to Create a Custom WordPress Widget
Lyndia Woodruff

These instructions worked beautifully for creating my custom widget. I cannot, however, figure out how to change the font size to 60px. I did manage to add CSS to Divi theme options that centered the text and added a line border. But how do I change the styling of the font please? Adding “font-size:60px” does not work. I want the font to be large, like a tagline running across the page. Thanks.

How to Create a WordPress Widget From Scratch
Kristine Mcdonald

I would respectfully suggest that nitpicking over generic pronoun choices when the author is addressing a diverse community of men and women (but mostly, per the numbers, men) probably achieves the reverse of what you were hoping. In standard English, it is perfectly okay to use “he” and “his” when referring to an anonymous individual. It is equally okay to use “she” and “her”. This comment introduces political social justice rancor for literally no reason.

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