How to Create a Custom WordPress Site Without any Coding? – A CloudPress Review

The Ultimate Responsive WordPress Theme Builder
Christena Inman

CloudPress makes it so easy for those of us who don’t know how to code. Drag and drop, and voila, a website is ready. Plus, a lot of great templates to choose from. So even for people who don’t have a creative mind, they can still build stunning websites using the templates. On top of that, the support team is very responsive and helpful. We totally enjoy the experience with CloudPress.

How to Create a Custom WordPress Site Without any Coding? – A CloudPress Review
Francisco Carrington

I purchased a lifetime subscription a couple of months ago and was planning to set up a business creating basic websites for small businesses. Although I haven’t created a website yet, I am suddenly concerned about CloudPress as a company. They advertise my plan as including ‘all themes free’ and ‘at least one new theme added each month’. However, they have not added any new themes since I signed up. To make things worse they recently sent a mail shot advertising ten new themes for a ‘one time payment of £40’ (I might have got that figure slightly wrong). This is very poor and I will take it to trading standards if they don’t offer these free to me as advertised. Currently they have failed to respond to my complaint about these issues. BUYER BEWARE.

Create a Free WordPress site without any Coding: CloudPress
Loyce Nabors

CloudPress is free to try for 2 free sites so you can try it out, you get 500MB of workspace included with that so you can fully test the service out. If you get to the point where you want to transfer your design to a live site on your hosting you will need to upgrade to a paid plan which includes at least 1 pro site. The cheapest starts at $ 59 per year for 1 pro site, and there are other plans right up to the “Ultimate” which costs $ 479 and includes 50 pro sites, 50GB of space and 150 free sites. You can view the full pricing details here.

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