How to Create a Custom Post Types Archive Page in WordPress

How to Create Custom Post Types In WordPress
Phyliss Teal

When adding custom fields to a post, the field is saved so you can quickly add it to any new posts. Custom fields you have added will appear in a drop-down list on every post. This can make it difficult to find the field you need on specific post types.  If you want to limit custom fields so they are only selectable on certain post types, the easiest way is to use a plugin.

How to Add a Custom Post Type Archive Page in WordPress
Lorena Silva

Hello, thanks for your tips, I am a little confused here.
When we make a custom post type by hte fault wp generates archive.php , category.php,taxonomy.php pages and then we make custom php pages based on those wp php pages.
But which ones should we use in our menu? I ve seen in other sites that archive oages should not be indexed in order to avoid duplicate content or perhaps since wp already genarate archive pages we don’t need to create custom archive pages?
Your comment on this question will be greatly appreciated

How to Create Custom Post Types in WordPress
Cora Mullins

Like I said earlier, WordPress provides you with a handful of content types by default. They are: posts, pages, attachments, revisions, and navigation menus. Those last three are something we don’t need to discuss right now. They serve their purpose quietly in the background of WordPress, and they don’t require much attention on our part.

How to Create WordPress Custom Post Types
Stefania Deaton

When it comes to custom post types, WordPress supports an unlimited number of Custom Post Types. You can create your own custom posts and can call them up, wherever you want. For example, if you run a News website and you wish to add a custom post type titled, “News”. Once created, the news post-type would have its own menu in the WordPress dashboard admin area. You can also create multiple post type as well such as Movies, Portfolio, and much more.

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