How to Create a Custom Login Page for WordPress

How to Create a WordPress Custom Login Page?
Lucienne Coon

If you are running a membership site or blog, you may need a login page. A login page makes users to signup and login using their credentials. It allows them to visit, share and contribute to your site by via posts, images, videos, or comments. But, WordPress provides a default generic login page. It doesn’t give any built-in options to add your own logo and change the feel of a page to match your theme. It is far behind to result in an ideal login page. So, a WordPress custom login page will play an important role here. A custom login page is crucial to add your own branding to the site. You can add more fields to get more information from the users. Moreover, it facilitates you to limit the admin panel access by specifying user roles. In short, a WordPress custom login page offers many benefits with a pleasing user experience.

How to Create a Custom Login Page for WordPress
Daniele Vidal

More than 60% of all the websites online at this time are run by the WordPress engine. It’s a huge number and there are definite reasons for this, such as the simplicity of use, availability for anyone(due to the open-source code of the platform), various solutions for any needs (almost anything can be done with the help of plugins), etc. However, each WordPress-based site has the same looking login page.At the same time, every businesses interest lies in getting more loyal customers, so it must stand out. The modern world requires it to look unique and eye-catching to gain more of the customer’s attention and changing the design of your website login page can help you in this significantly.

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