How to Create a Custom Facebook Feed in WordPress

How to Create a Custom Facebook Feed in WordPress
Doris Barrett

Do you recognize the feed on the homepage of I like the fact that it includes thumbnail pictures from each post. I find that more visually interesting than showing my logo over and over in the feed. I don’t control that area of the website (although I do know that it is WP) and the host has no interest in sharing which plugin is used.

How to Create a Custom Facebook Feed for WordPress
Bonnie Jenkins

If you are the owner of any website and have a great engagement on your Facebook page then you should use that visibility wisely. All the content, image, link, business slogan or discussion you post on  Facebook are not visible to the audience visiting your website. By adding a custom feed from your Facebook page to WordPress page not only increase your website engagement but also improve the SEO and Facebook like. So, in this tutorial, we add a custom facebook feed in WordPress by using a plugin.
Annie Bowen

With a Facebook page feed, you can filter out the content based on user roles, and show posts and updates only from the page owner or other users from the group, or both. There is a long list of the lightbox settings you can enable, including social share buttons, showing comments, playing filmstrip, and more. The comments settings mainly include choosing comment filtering option, whether its top level or stream, with the former being the same structure as in Facebook and the latter including all-level comments. Here you can also enable showing the comment replies and choose commenting order.
Elvira Abbott

Facebook Feed by Arrow Plugins help you to display Facebook feed from any public Facebook account, in same way you can also show Facebook feed into your posts, pages, home or in widget. With Facebook feed by Arrow Plugins you can add multiple Facebook feeds into single page, post or widget using shortcodes. Facebook Feed by Arrow Plugins is very light weight Powered by HTML5 & CSS3 to ensure unparalleled performance so your website load fast with Facebook Feed plugin enabled. Create Unlimited number of Facebook Feeds with unique customizations, Skins & Feed Styles from any of your facebook page of your choice.

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