How to Create a Client Dashboard in WordPress

How to create a custom dashboard for your clients in WordPress
Vella Whalen

The admin bar makes it easy to switch between the backend and the frontend of your WordPress website. But, when you’re in the dashboard, it is redundant as it allows you to add a new post, access your profile — settings which can be access through the sidebar. Remove unnecessary items such as new posts, media or pages, comments and updates, and anything else that might be confusing to your clients.

HostPapa Knowledge Base
Ellen Berry

You may find that many of your users have questions about how to use your site. You could answer each question individually, but that can be time-consuming and difficult to update if you make changes. A better solution is to use a plugin, such as WP Help. WP Help allows you to easily create and update hierarchical documentation for your users. You’ll be able to provide the information they need while reducing the amount of time you spend answering questions.

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