How to Create a Classified Ads Website With ClassiPress WordPress Theme?

How to Create a Classified Ads Website With ClassiPress WordPress Theme?
Liliana Cardona

ClassiPress allows you to create custom ad packs for your visitors. You can create ad packs by going to Payments -> Ad Packs. By default, the theme will have an ad pack created for you. You can either customize the pack or create a new pack by clicking the ‘Add New‘ button. To create a new ad pack, you have to provide a name, description, price and duration of the pack. After providing all the details, click ‘Publish’.

How to Create a Classified Website with WordPress: Just 8 Steps
Traci Fleming

Add high-quality images with your product listing. It will give your users a better idea of the products you want to sell. Along with pictures, add relevant product description and other important details such as price, the location of the product, contact details of sellers, etc. On the basis of your listing, you can add more information. Design all your “call to action” buttons carefully. They should be clearly visible and easily accessible.

How to Create Classified Ads Site Using WordPress
Jackelyn Cooley

I have to say that this is the best WordPress theme full of features. You can easily customize this template according to your requirements. This WordPress theme is fully responsive WordPress theme which looks great on every device screen. If you download this WordPress theme then your will be getting some child theme free with this template as bonus. Some other features of this theme are mentioned below :

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