How to Create a Child Page in WordPress

How to Create a Child Page in WordPress
Elza Leyva

Thank you for this very useful post! I tried for YEARS to figure out how may be possible to create a good structure for my website, and never knew what the hack is ‘child page’ in WordPress (although I am new to make myself the website….). Your brief and very clear explanations make everything so clear and easy!
Thanks again for your wonderful work!

How to Create a Child Page in WordPress
Sherita Diamond

After creating a child page, the Pages list will show the hierarchical view. In this view, the child pages are indented to show the WordPress pages structure. By editing the pages, we can change the hierarchical levels by changing the parent of the child pages. In WordPress, a child page can also have its own child pages. Likewise, we can create page hierarchy with infinite depth.

Creating a WordPress Child Theme
Eula Moore

Of course, no solution is perfect, and in order to use your child theme effectively, you’ll need to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the various functions and hooks of the parent theme. Depending on how feature heavy the parent theme is, this could require a major investment of time. WordPress beginners, or those with light technical knowledge, may also find this process overwhelming.

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