How to Create a Business Directory Website Using Buzzler Theme

How to Create a Business Directory Website Using Buzzler Theme
Latarsha Ashmore

This section has several sub-sections. First of all, you can define the sender name and sender email address. Then, you can customize the email template for various actions like new user registration, new item, item approval, item rejection, claim listing request, etc. For all of these templates, you can provide custom email subject and custom email content. You can also use some ready made tags like the username, user email address, user password, site name, login URL, etc.

Buzzler Business Directory Theme
Nerissa Daily

Also the Buzzler directory theme comes with a feature-rich admin area from where you can control everything happening on your directory website. You can control the layout, the design, the colours and so much more, and you can give your website the uniqueness to make it stand in front. It even has predefined payment packages, so you can define free listings, paid and featured listings, and memberships for your users. It can even be integrated with BuddyPress (on demand) to make a review network website, something similar to Yelp.

How to Create a Business Directory Website With WordPress
Tricia Floyd

Since some of the themes include the ability for visitors to leave ratings, you don’t want to find yourself running a website that points out nothing but bad service providers or dubious listings. It could seriously hurt your credibility and leave the impression you’re only in it for the money. It’s worth spending a few extra minutes to verify the submitted listing and deciding on whether or not you should include it on your website.

eDirectory Blog
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There are several different approaches here. You can, for example, hire a developer and a web designer to build your own directory script, yet the chances are they will most likely use an inexpensive off-the-shelf product that they charge you a lot of money to maintain. Worse yet, they disappear or get a bigger job and you’re left behind with a directory solution you can’t use. Another approach is that can go with a low-cost high-maintenance option like a WordPress directory theme and WordPress directory plug-in. They still require you have someone with technical knowledge on your payroll to maintain. Also, the difficulty to build a directory with WordPress is that WordPress was not built for directories, it was made for publishing blogs, so you’ll have to invest a lot of time patching various components together and it is not best-suited to scale for a powerful directory solution. With eDirectory you can create your professional directory website quickly and easily. The monthly plans make it affordable to start quickly with all the essential features for a successful directory website right where you need them so you can focus on the directory business plan rather than back-end maintenance.

Easily Create Any Directory Website in WordPress
Lynsey Colson

5. Coming to the pricing, you can grab the best directory theme in under $100 for its full set of features, whereas a plugin may appear to be free or cheap at first, but you might not get all the features for that little price. Features come as add-ons. So you brought the plugin once and now you have to buy features individually. That’s a bit unfair.

18+ Best WordPress Business Directory Themes for 2019
Lucienne Coon

Amazingly, it’s currently priced at the low price of $59.  This is a bit perplexing, considering the strength of the product and how much obvious care and time went into getting it just right.  Other ThemeForest products with half the features of My City – and lesser design quality – are often priced at least 10 dollars higher.  Weird.  Anyway, we couldn’t even begin to cover everything the theme offers, so take a peep at the details page for the full scoop.  And check out the demo!

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